Friday, October 7, 2011

100% Coverage DOES STILL EXIST!

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Ok so the agent just told you the "price" for health insurance and it sounds great. Then here comes the DETAILS of what you get for that price.

  • You will be able go to the doctor a limited amount of times a year for just a copay, without paying your deductible.
  • You will have prescription coverage on generics for just a copay.
  • You will get all preventative standard(mammograms, vaccines, blood work, etc.) testing covered with your doctor visits.
  • Should you go to the hospital for outpatient, inpatient, or emergency care you will need meet your deductible before the insurance begins picking up the tab.
  • The insurance company will pick up either 70% 80% or 100%(it is your choice) of the bill after your deductible.
Sounds great right? Wrong, many folks concentrate on the price and forgo the LAST important detail "what is actually covered".

If you do not want an additional bill after going to the hospital you got to ask your agent about 100% coinsurance plans. This means you will be covered fully after you meet your deductible!

If you focus on price alone you will get:

A plan with a high deductible and coinsurance of 70/30 or even higher depending on the carrier's plan. It is the difference between buying a box of macaroni and cheese and making mac & cheese homemade baked in the oven.

The best way to assure that your get the most coverage for the lowest amount is to start with what you want and then work you way towards a little less coverage until you find a "price" that fits your budget.

Working your way down in price instead of up will certainly help in getting you and your family the most coverage.

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