Tuesday, September 20, 2011

About To Cancel? Call Your Agent!

  1. Not going to be able to make your monthly health insurance payment -- CALL YOUR AGENT
  2. Got an unexpected bill from your doctors office -- CALL YOUR AGENT
  3. Told that the specialist, doctor, or clinic does not take your insurance -- CALL YOUR AGENT
  4. Received a notice from the insurance company that your rate is increasing -- CALL YOUR AGENT
  5. You were asked for more than your regular copay -- CALL YOUR AGENT

Ok, so your probably thinking I want you to call me so I can sell you more insurance. NO, I want to instead fix your problem. Here is how the problems above can be fixed.

  1. You can push your payment back if you do not have the money. It usually takes a simple phone call BUT YOU MUST GIVE 7 BUSINESS DAYS NOTICE to push you payment back. 
  2. The billing department of a doctors office MESSES up, quite often. Human error many times is why a person gets a bill that they are not supposed to receive. Your agent can determine how to get the doctors office to fix this problem.  
  3. You should NEVER go to a doctor, specialist, or clinic without calling the toll free number on the back of your insurance card to make sure that they are IN NETWORK. Call your agent if you have problems with this.
  4. An Independent AGENT sells insurance for more than one carrier and can usually find a lower price if you receive notice your payment has increased. 
  5. Sometimes the receptionist at a doctors office is so busy she has not looked at your insurance the right way. Calling your agent to find out why she is asking for more than your copay. This will likely fix the whole problem.
When you hit a bump in the road with your insurance it is my responsibility to help you through it. I am the one that sold it to you. I want to make sure you get the best from it.


  1. Good points about insurance that I think most of us overlook and forget about!

  2. Good advice. Before my company hired an HR Manager it was my job to assist the employees with their insurance problems. We switched agents and during our first check-in meeting I began telling our new agent some of the insurance problems our employees were having. He said it was his job as our agent to help our employees work thru these issues. This was music to my ears, plus he had behind the scenes contacts I hadn't been privy too. My prior agent was not helpful, even if I asked for his assistance. It became a standing joke in my office if you have an insurance problem call 1-800-our agent's name.

    Stopping by from LBS.