Sunday, September 18, 2011

How To QUALIFY for Health Insurance

Not everyone qualifies for INDIVIDUAL health insurance. This is insurance that folks get if an EMPLOYER does not offer benefits. If you get coverage through work (i.e. group) they HAVE to ACCEPT you and ALL PRE-Existing conditions.

When getting Insurance outside of work companies only choose folks that are responsible with their health. This means they want people that eat right, exercise, do not smoke, and do not get sick all the time from not taking care of themselves.

THESE FOLKS get the BEST PRICES. They get EVEN better prices than if they buy health insurance from an EMPLOYER. 

Your health history is what determines if an insurance company thinks you are a GOOD CANDIDATE to be a customer of theirs. So disclosing truthfully to an agent what you have been DIAGNOSED with in the past or CURRENTLY take medications for is CRUCIAL. Your agent can then tell you if you will qualify for health insurance at all.

Some companies are more lenient than others so if you take a few medications they may still approve you. Again the LEAST EXPENSIVE insurance is for the MOST HEALTHY people.

REALISTICALLY you got understand that health insurance is like a MORTGAGE or CAR payment. You body is what protects the ESSENCE of your being. So if you truly desire to protect it you have to invest in its health. Getting the LOWEST price  usually LEAVES HOLES in your policy.

So once you find out if you qualify keep in mind you still have to buy enough to assure you are COMPLETELY covered.

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